The Iranian Toolkit

I’ve put together a cluster of links, videos, and other things that will help people begin to understand what is happening in Iran. Of course, the best way to learn about this is to look it up yourself, but this should provide a good starting point. I welcome any suggestions from anyone and I’ll update this post as I find more things to share.

First thing’s first…

Iran 101: Understanding the unrest
Everyone should read this article unless you already know a lot about what’s going on. This is not everything you need to know, but it’s a good primer. I wouldn’t recommend forming an opinion about what’s going until you (at the very least) read this article.

What has happened…

This is a collection of videos that have been collected over the past few days. Some of them are mildly disturbing, but nothing any adult can handle.

How it’s changing…

This is a particularly optimistic video where the crowd is interrupted by riot police, the crowd defends itself, and then they take care of one of the policemen.

The unified police force is a myth. All Iranian police are Iranians, and they are beginning to show true solidarity.

How to help…

  • If you have Twitter:

This video will explain how to get around a governmental crackdown on internet access.


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