Is change necessary?

During his campaign, President Obama [giggle] associated himself with the idea of change. Given the previous eight years, changing the way Americans did things was an obvious choice. I mean, whether or not you agree with how Bush handled the government and the economy, it was clear that something needed to change. Now that change has come to America, there are still some people who claim that change isn’t necessary.

I couldn’t agree more.

No one has claimed that change is always necessary or never necessary. Life isn’t that simple. All things need varying amounts of change.

Here’s a simple analogy…

You’re driving a car on the highway. The passenger suddenly starts yelling that the road ahead will eventually turn into a cliff. Is change necessary?

Here’s another…

You’re driving a car on the highway. Suddenly you realize the road ahead is gone and you’re rapidly approaching a cliff. Is change necessary?

And one more…

You’re driving a car that has gone off a cliff. Everyone in the car is yelling. Is change necessary?


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