Why I Miss Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle’s show was absolutely brilliant for the first couple seasons because he got to be open about humor with complete disregard for race. It allowed for some truly historic moments that I know they will talk about in documentaries and history books decades from now.

For example, there is this skit about Clayton Bigsby. It is an A&E-style documentary about a man raised in the deep south who grew up to be a bona fide racist, complete with a membership in the KKK. Calyton Bigsby was blind, and his foster parents (who didn’t know what else to do with his black arse) raised him as though he was white. He went to a school for the blind, so all of his friends treated him as though he was white. The documentary catches up with him when he is in his fifties, and they quickly realize the truth: the Clayton Bigsby doesn’t realize he is black

This scenario allows for some absolutely hilarious moments that simply couldn’t have existed before on television. Chappelle gets to act all “southern” and go on about all these stereotypes, saying things like, “damn naa-gers with their big naw-strils, breathin’ up all the white man’s air!” They even refer to him as, “Claton Bigsby, the black white supremacist.” But by far, my favorite part of the whole skit is the moment at the end when the narrator, an older white male gets to use the ultimate racist word in a “proper” context AND tell a good joke:

“…and he later divorced his wife of thirty years. When asked why he did this, Bigsby replied he couldn’t be with a niggerlover.”

Now that is the opposite of politically-correct, but it’s simply hilarious.


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