Look at me! I’m a cyborg!

I used to have one of the Bluetooth earpieces, but that was when they first came out. I’ve never been that comfortable with it, and that was long before everyone was wearing one. I got one as a gift, and honestly, I only wore it around that person so they knew I appreciated it. In fact, I never use it except while I’m driving on long road trips. And even then, I don’t wear it except when I’m on the phone.

The problem with wearing these right now is that they’re just not necessary. People are not so busy while they’re shopping or eating to need a phone at the ready, like a gunslinger with his pistol on his hip. I don’t think it’s bad to wear one…just silly. I mean, it just comes off as a wannabe status symbol when you wear it like jewelry.

Besides, (and here’s the geeky part) these earpieces don’t even DO anything right now! First of all, they require that you own an actual cellphone and that you keep it within twenty-or-so feet of you. And all they can do is answer the phone, turn the volume up and down, and activate voicemail (after you set it up in the cellphone). Whoopity-doo! I can do that myself.

Once they really do connect us like the Borg, connecting us seamlessly with millions of other creatures, and anyone not wearing one will look silly, then it’ll be perfectly normal have one of those glowing pieces of plastic stuck to your ear. Until then, this über geek is still going to hold out for the real gadgets.

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