Love as a Drug

Today I was thinking about how drugs affect the mind, and I stumbled upon an analogy. What do drugs do? In other words, how do they work on us? Well, they are simply chemicals that get in our bodies and our brains that disrupt or otherwise alter the usual flow of neural activity. We like drugs (most of ’em, anyway) because they stimulate the parts of our brain that make us feel good. It is, if you’ll excuse the term, mental masturbation.

Well, there’s another form of this that is rarely attributed to the relatively simple chemical process, and that is love. In reality, love is just another drug. It produces a euphoria that controls our actions, it clouds our minds, it leads us into situations we might not otherwise have participated in, and even leads us to violence. Sounds like the stereotypical view of drugs to me. Hell, when people commit murder as a “crime of passion,” we tend to take it easier on them. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in that? It’s like hearing a guy killed his wife because he thought she had turned into a giant lizard and was going to eat him, and we say, “Oh, well he was tripping, so I’m sure he wasn’t thinking clearly. Can ya blame him?”


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