Git Yer Guns Up!

A strange ritual occurs in our stands every home game. When someone on the field fails to get up after the play, the crowd suddenly demands silence and hands in the air. The problem here is the hypocritical nature of it all. I realize this is to show respect for the downed player, but since when do these fans care? Everyone yells during a game, that is part of the fun. Many of us wish for the utter defeat of the opposing team, and secretly hope that their star player gets injured (especially when we are behind). After a good tackle, we chant: “Hit ’em again! Hit ’em again! Harder! Harder!”

I understand it is a sign of respect, but it’s a football game, not a funeral. I honestly would hate to see some poor guy carted off the field by EMS crews, but 99% of these guys just get up and walk away. If he is really in that much pain, do you really think he notices (or cares) that you are suddenly concerned about him? How does being quiet and holding your hand in the air is going to make them feel any better? Like hockey, rugby, soccer, and real wrestling, football is a physical sport. They are fated to get hurt occasionally. That is the point. No pain, no gain. Right?

At one of last year’s home games, a girl in the band fell and practically busted her face open on the bleachers. Why didn’t the crowd stop the game for her? Incidentally, do you think it would have made her feel better if everyone in the stadium stopped to stare at her, bleeding all over her uniform? If you want to show support for an injured player, that is great. Get your “guns” up and hope for the best. However, imposing this “requirement” on other people is fascist. Unless they are being disrespectful, they are hurting no one.


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