Category: Reel

October 12 2016

I’m grateful to have been a part of such a fun project. Mediajuice Studios conceptualized and pitched the idea to Gearbox Software, and they hired us to bring it to life.

October 6 2016

Produced by Mediajuice Studios
Directed by Jeremy Snead
Editing and motion graphics by Eric P. Metze
Additional graphics by Kevin Clancy & Kenny Price

June 24 2016

Capcom hired Mediajuice to edit and remix three great trailers for Umbrella Corps into a single epic trailer. This was the result. It was going to be shown in toy stores, so it had to be rated E. Making a trailer for a first-person zombie-slaying competitive shooter isn’t easy when you have to keep it kid-friendly. Still, I think it turned out great.

produced by Mediajuice Studios
directed by Jeremy Snead

March 3 2016
April 22 2015

Produced for Mouser Electronics by Mediajuice Studios
Directed by Jeremy Snead
Edited by Eric P. Metze, Jeremy Snead, and Kevin Clancy