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Reborn / Recore

Reborn + Recore

This is a short vignette about a girl and her companion. Also, robots. audio: “Reborn” by Thomas Bergersen video: E3 cinematic trailer for ReCore

Strength of a Thousand Men + Asura Online

Strength of a Thousand Men + Asura Online

This is (among other things) an attempt to use musical themes to represent certain factions, a la John Williams. The heroic main theme represents the humans, and it makes multiple appearances each time they come on screen. But if you listen closely...

Tetris animated background by Metzae

Hand Animated Tetris GIF

This was created frame-by-frame and pixel-by-pixel. I made in Photoshop several years ago when I was learning to use the software. After drawing the basics by hand, I duplicated each section, edited parts so it wasn’t so repetitive, and then adjusted the...

El Phantasmo

Assassin’s Creed + White Zombie

This video was based on a short film that Rob Zombie created for Assassin’s Creed Unity, a video game that focuses on the French revolution. I combined it with a White Zombie remix by Charlie Clouser for obvious reasons. audio: “El Phantasmo...

White Zombie – Real Solution No. 9 (Mambo Mania Metzae Mix)

The Witcher + White Zombie

Warning: This video has blood, violence, partial nudity, a redhead, and an evil witch. ‘Tis not for the faint of heart. audio “Real Solution No. 9 (Mambo Mania Mix)” by White Zombie video The Witcher III: Wild Hunt from CD Projekt Red

use Google Voice with Google Hangouts

12 Reasons You Need Google Voice in Your Life

Google Voice is a free telephone service that does practically everything your current provider does, like make phone calls, receive voicemails, and send texts. But it’s so much more than that. Like many people, I’ve had the same phone number for so...