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What’s the deal with the Facebook messenger app?

A lot of people are worried about the new Facebook messenger app. They are wondering if they should bother with installing it or just ignoring it. Well, pretty soon you won’t have the option. They’re slowly rolling it out so that you...


These Dreams

These dreams, I know what they mean. I don’t need an interpreter to read my own handwriting on the walls.

I didn’t want to talk about immigration…

I didn’t want to talk about immigration…

The legality of their citizenship is ultimately irrelevant. We can devise any number of laws to make people criminals (just look at the population of our prison system thanks to the war on drugs). But our laws have no bearing on why...

Year of the Geek

Year of the Geek

Thanks to Jeremy Snead’s documentary about video games, Weird Al’s invasion of the Internet, and the resurrection of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, this is turning out to be the year of the geek.

Agnostics are atheist.

Agnostics are atheist.

Contrary to what many self-proclaimed agnostics say, there is no third answer to the binary question about belief in deities.

Wendy Davis

Untruth: Wendy Davis Supports Open Carry

The winds of the Internet blow hard and fast, so people don’t have time to read an entire article before they are emotionally invested in it. They mostly just rely on the headline and/or the source to sum things up for them....

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